Tuesday, November 14, 2006

playa el zonte

So, I just realized that I never said much about my time after the mission. Which is ridiculous because it was one of the greatest vacations I have had in years. Pretty good for only 3 days!

Well, Saturday we headed to the coast from Suchitoto with a hostel recommendation from Chamba, but when we arrived the rooms available were apparently too gross and a randomn guy on a bike offered to show us another house and we wound up at the Horizonte surf hostel in El Zonte. It was perfect. A little pricier than some spots, but the rooms were nice, there was a beautiful pool, plenty of hammocks per capita and a great chill vibe.

Our room overlooked the ocean and each night I slept in a hammock with the sound of waves lulling me asleep. Um, heaven I'm sure will involve hammocks . . . During the days I spent my hours reading, swimming, playing with the only healthy dogs in El Salvador and watching Trevor and others surf. Evenings were spent ordering, waiting for and eating dinner (about a 2 hour process, there is no fast food in El Sal) and sitting in hammocks. Needless to say I got in plenty of time to process things, distract myself and just enjoy the time and space I was in. It was wonderful.

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