Wednesday, November 29, 2006

my little muppet

Now, I'm not good at math, but I left NYC about 6 or 7 years ago. (Dang, that is a long time . . .) And pretty much every day I miss Shelle and Liser. They are my best friends. Combined they have known me longer, seen me through more hair colors, been through grouchy Tina, celebrated with happy Tina and have generally seen it all. And sometimes I don't see them for a year at a time and yet each time we come back together, we take off from where we last were, like we had just interupted a conversation yesterday.

But I guess, I have grown accustomed to their absence. It's like there is a small lump in my heart where that loneliness lives and I'm just used to it. And honestly, we don't change a whole lot anymore. So while I miss the Saturdays on the couch, last minute meals and the day in and day out of our friendship, we are pretty much continuing on our same arcs with some different scenery, occasional dramas, etc.

But today I had to give Riley my goodbye kisses and that was a totally different thing. Because she will change. She's changed in the 6 days I was here! And missing that --watching her grow, seeing her become even more of her own little person-- is pretty heart breaking. I know that I am just her Aunty T, but I am still so filled with love for her little muppet self that the thought of missing any time seems awful.

Honestly, I think this is just a ploy on Liser & Jim's part to make sure that I fly to NYC more often. Look at her in the muppet hat I knit for her! Tell me you could just leave that baby! Please.

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wendyrella said...

liser & jim did good. and will you make me a hat?