Monday, October 30, 2006


So, I returned from El Salvador on Tuesday afternoon. My time there was amazing. --Truly it was blessed so deeply and profoundly that I think I am a changed person. (Which is part of the goal of a mission trip, but by trip 4, I have stopped expecting it and am still delighted by it.) I am going to begin uploading stories, photos, etc. to my Nuevo Renacer blog. So feel free to check it out. I have a lot to say about that time, but I also feel the need to share something else.

I returned Tuesday and Darcy met us at the airport and then made me a wonderfully meaty dinner! And as always, Darcy listened to me babble and gave me 100% of her support & friendship through a few hours of food and hanging out. Wednesday evening Wendy came by with my car (with a gleaming new side mirror). We drove over to Diane's and hung out and I shared photos and stories, dreams and prophesies. Thursday I went to work and was so happy to return to the staff that I have come to love and enjoy so dearly and the day ended with time at Bible study sharing about the trip, praying for others and seeing more friends. I can't tell you how many hugs I received that night. And the evening ended with Adam's two girls, Lauren & Bridgette hanging out and giving me costume ideas for Halloween. (Kathy has promised to bring the two girls over for Halloween tomorrow!!) Friday D & I met Jessuca & Dave in Janzten beach and caught up on pizza eating, life sharing and giggles. Saturday night was spent watching the peeps costume. A mermaid, ghetto red riding hood, the Hamburgler (burgle, burgle) and basketball face all had me laughing. Even Diane, albeit covered in plague-like proportions of hives, had me smiling in the pink "prophesy" suit.

And Sunday was spent with my church family worshiping God for my time in El Salvador and each person that I had shared time with since my return. My heart was filled with thanks for the day and with an expectation for so much more from my good and gracious God.

And last night, I made a french beef stew and D, Crystal, Summer, Johnny and Trevor joined me for an evening around the family table.

Talk about an amazing return home, wrapped in frienship, purpose and joy! I am blessed in El Salvador, but I am also blessed beyond all measure at home in Portland. And if you are reading this, then you are part of that blessing and I just want you to know that I thank God for you every day! You light up my life, are the wind beneath my wings and are part of the reason that I have a perpetual grin peeking out of my face . . .

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Johnny D said...

That beef stew was SERIOUS.
I think you're ready to take on Bobby Flay in Kitchen Stadium.
Thanks for being awesome. Keep rockin it. It's all for Him.