Sunday, February 18, 2007

Viva La Valentimes

A few of us decided to take back Valentimes Day from Mr. Hallmark and all the people who pair up before the big day just to have a date! Thus "Dessert, Cheese & Wine for Dinner, Yo!" was created. (Not quite as internationally, culturally and gender-meldingly popular as "Pancakes for Dinner, Yo" TM, but a solid 2nd. Everyone wants pancakes for dinner, but I digress...)
So, there were no boys in sight this Valentimes Day. And that is a darn shame. But rather than sulk with a pint of chubby hubby, we gathered over a table of nosh, conversation hearts, candy bracelets and bread pudding. We shared stories of elementary school love (oh Vande Burns, how I still love you), good kisses, bad kisses and the sweetness of love's possibility. Then we transitioned into money-maker shaking in the living room. And yes, it was just us girls, but I don't think I would have rather been anywhere else.
Viva La Valentimes!

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